Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hayaf will auswandern

Ich habe ein Mail von Hayaf erhalten. Er will ev. Libanon verlassen. Sieht keine Zukunft mehr ... Es ist einfach nur traurig, und schockierend

i am fine "jusqu'à maintenant", but i dont know what is my position tomorow, we live in Lebanon day by day, withowt thinking, without strategic,... realy, i dont know how we live.
may be you will see me in Syria, because i am thinking to leave this beautiful contry.
sorry dear,
but my students, my music, and all what i was doing, there must continued, in this contry, or in other contry, and i work for this with all my capacity (sorry abowt my bed english).
thanks for your messages, and mails, realy, i feel, that i live in anothor time, i cannot do somethings in this time, and in this country, tell mesome idea my friend, what i must doing? realy i dont khow...
let speek know abowt my students, they are good, and love this music, and what to continued with me in this style of music, realy realy, they are the big parts of my live.
i will send you some news pictures....
i feel, that i will see you soon, lets hope, and i am good and fine "inchallah" in all time,
your's Hayaf


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